SILVIA born in Pisa, Italy to Gigliola Addini (Italian Citizen)

International Director, Researcher, Lecturer and Philanthropist

PhD studies, MA, BA & BA

based from Berlin, Germany's


taught at three universities internationally media ethics & law, speech and visualization tactics for communication anxiety, and basic communication research and documentation methodologies identifying generational motives


Italian matrilineal owner, inheritor and administrator




REGISTERED WITH COPYRIGHT PROTECTION SINCE 2002 BASED ON GRADUATE THESIS IN RHETORIC AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES AWARDED FROM WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY advancing Italian ethnicity and traditional marriage as Family to avoid charges of prejudice in employment regulations by those supporting eugenics and ethnic sterilization of us Italians.

giu vaticanus or 0039-347-5478932 when activated in Italy and 001-509-879-8318 when activated in the U.S.A.





Programme of V. International Conference (page 16 of conference book pamphlet issued in Partenit, Crimea) Cognitive Styles of Communication: Theories & applications. Bogdanovich, G., Dikareva, S., & Skrebtsova, T. (Eds.). Simferopol, (Russia): V. I. Vernadsky University Press.

2004 Cognitive Communication Styles presentation on the US abuse of assigning stigma to deflect my accusations of medical abuse against them, relying on my certified status under ADA since 1993, and others was part of the basis of my Vienna, Austria issued renewed student visa status as performing academic research on illegal human trafficking for my approved WSU PhD dissertation program (2003) establishing the basis for those who harmed me or profited from me to be punished so Italy can rescind its EU membership as a form of sovereign protection. 


Born in Italy without the biological father registered as married to my Italian Mother thus retro-actively every right to dual-citizenship since 1963 without having to recognize his other biological children



Фото Silvia Francesca Stein.I grew up in Florence in the 1960's and 1970's and almost every summer was in Florence going for walks with my Aunt (Zia) Silvia Teri matrilineally Guerrini to see the Medici's Renaissance concept of the ice box constructed in the 18th Century in the park (Cascine)

  • The ice box is based on each stone in a pyramid representing a person/psychophore identified in Egyptology through profile depictions based from our Washington state house office, Washington state statute creates privacy exemptions for certain photos and restricts the right to legal action to the state’s attorney general; individuals can’t sue. Companies can use fingerprints, eye scans, or facial photos, which aren’t protected. Washington state criminal law also protects legitimate US historical figures, the survival of their memory and the inheritance to their incarnated survivors.


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